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Annual Diocesan Convention
This offering is designated to Episcopal Peace Fellowship and The Lighthouse, Jersey City
    -Convention Offering:    

Alleluia Fund for Outreach
Supports programs providing practical, hands-on support to those most vulnerable in our diocese and internationally, and sponsored by our communities of faith or their members.
    -Alleluia Fund:    

Bishop's Church Emergency Fund
Provides financial support for church buildings in the diocese needing repairs and renovation, usually with a special focus on emergency and unforeseen needs.
    -BCEF 4th Call:    
           Grace Church Van Vorst, Jersey City youth center fire alarm
    -BCEF 3rd Call:    
           St. Peter's, Mountain Lakes fire alarm system
    -BCEF 2nd Call:    
           St. Michael's, Wayne chimney & flue repair
    -BCEF 1st Call:    
           St. Andrew’s, Harrington Park rectory repairs
    -BCEF 2017:    
           Single annual gift to cover all four 2017 calls

Area of Greatest Need
Financial resources for new initiatives, current ministries, and unforeseen needs.
    -Area of Greatest Need:    


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